Sunday, November 27, 2011

Accenture SAP FICO USA

Hi All,
I had an SAP FICO analyst position interview at Accenture. The 1st round was in the 1st week of October 2011 telephonic HR round, 2nd was telephonic behavioral round, 3rd was telephonic technical round and 4th was a face to face interview with a partner. I can give more information to anyone who needs about questions asked etc.
I cleared all the rounds and the partner even told me that I will be given an offer soon. However, 2 weeks later then HR called me and said that due to Holiday season in Nov. and Dec. they are not making any offers to anyone at that time. If any analyst positions comes up in January then they can give me an offer.
My question is:
1) Did this happen to anyone?
2) Is this usual or a good way to say no? My recruiter told me that if they dont want to hire you, they will say it on your face right away and not say it indirectly. Their reason of saying "not now" seems to be genuine and i should wait.
3) If they did not want to hire me at that time, why did they waste so much time of their staff and my time as well, going through all this interview process? I had to take atleast 3 days off from my current work to give this interview.
4) I am still very actively searching for this sap fico jobs anywhere in US, and I can immediately start working in a notice of as less then a week. Please give me your email address and phone number and I will contact you immediately. I can work for any employer anywhere in the US. I really want to work in SAP field and I have a past experience of 4+ years with 2 end to end implementation in SAP.

Your answers and help is very much appreciated.